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Pipe Tee, Tee Fittings

Basic Information

Nominal Size:1/2"-48" (DN15-DN1200)
Wall Thickness:2-100mm
Bend Radius:SCH5S-SCH160, XXS
Type:Tee/Reducing Tee

A tee is also called triplet,three way and "T" pieces and it can be used to either combine or split a fluid flow. Most common are tees with the same inlet and outlet sizes, but 'reducing' tees are available as well. it means the one or two ends are differ in dimension.due to thisdimension differ,the makes the tee fittings with the capacity to control the volume when requried.

Welded Tee

Nominal size: 1/2"-48" (DN15-DN1200)

Wall Thickness: 2-100mm

Bend Radius: SCH5S-SCH160, XXS

Type: Tee/Reducing tee

Seamless Tee

Nominal size: 1/2"-20"(DN15-DN500)

Wall Thickness: 2-50mm

Bend Radius: SCH5-SCH160

Type: Tee/Reducing tee

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